We’re kicking off our blog by featuring a new MINI-MAKEOVER project.

We’ve been charged with transforming the West Hollywood office space of Los Angeles Guest Suites. The company is run by the forward-thinking Tim Robinson who over a decade ago realized that travelers needed alternatives to the high prices, limited space and impersonal feel of hotels. And so he conceived of an internet company that would offer a vast array of apartments and private homes for short term rentals. Thus London Guest Suites was born which quickly expanded to Paris and then Los Angeles. Due to their extensive list of quality properties and first-class customer service, Los Angeles Guests Suites was in such demand that that they needed a larger office space.

Since their move, Tim and his crew have been so busy they haven’t had time to do much more than set up their computers and get to work. That’s where we came in. We met with Tim who wanted us to transform the simple, open space with five workstations into a welcoming, comfortable and chic place to work and visit.

He called the right people.

After assessing the space, we thought the office would be ideal for a j/b design Mini-Makeover.  What that means is that for a $2,500 design fee we would create a design plan that includes layout, furniture, art and accessories, all within a purchasing budget of $10,000.

Tim loved the idea and so off we went. We returned three days later with the design plan that included all links to make the purchasing as easy as possible.payday loans  Now everything has been ordered and some pieces have already started to trickle in. As soon as all of the pieces have been delivered, we’ll return for the installation.

Here are some BEFORE pix.payday loans online We’ll post the AFTERS as soon as we have them!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting j/b design projects. We’re here to help.


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