the j/b design philosophy

you should love walking in your front door

We believe that you should love where you live—whether it’s a 600 sq. foot apartment or  6,000 sq. foot home. Because the world can be unpredictable and challenging, your home should be an oasis that welcomes you, your family and your friends every time you walk in the door. It should flow. There should be a space for everything. It should be comfortable yet magical. It should work for the way you work, play, lounge and entertain. If this doesn’t describe your home, j/b design can help.

exceptional spaces don’t have to cost a fortune

Unlike many designers, we’re as at home shopping in a thrift shop and on ebay as we are in a high-end antique stores and designer showrooms. We never know where we’ll find that special piece that makes a room. Not long ago, we found six exquisite double-caned dining chairs on craigslist for $600! Retail the chairs would have cost at least $1,500 a piece—that is, IF, we could find them.  That purchase alone opened up our client’s budget to spend where she really needed to—on construction. This doesn’t always happen of course, but it definitely wouldn’t happen if we never looked in the first place. We’re also masters at transforming pieces you already own—either with paint, upholstery, plating or by simply replacing the hardware. This isn’t to say we don’t love exquisite fabrics and well-made furniture but we’ll only encourage you to invest if the project and your budget calls for it.  The key to our design philosophy is mixing it up.

our style is not ours, it’s yours

Your home should reflect you, not us. To that end, when we first meet with a client, we talk about how you live, what you’re attracted to and we pick up clues: your favorite purse, where you love to travel or your tennis shoes. We’ll also give you some design books and magazines so you can tag images you like. Then we’ll take these clues and run with them. 
The way we work is truly organic as each new piece informs the next purchase. We always consider every aspect of a purchase from proportion to functionality to how it fits into the budget. In the end, when your furniture is where it should be, when every direction you look delights you, your world changes. Some clients have found they entertain more. Some find the peace and serenity they get from their home frees them up to tackle other projects.

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