j and b: a bit about us

Barbara Derwin first met Jennifer Schlosberg in a hospital in Los Angeles—the day she was born. But it would be another thirty years before they’d start working together.

Jennifer was renovating a home in Hancock Park when she couldn’t decide on the best way to handle a design dilemma. Surrounded by subcontractors who needed direction and with a client unreachable in Australia, Jennifer called Barbara Derwin, a longtime family friend. Barbara, who had just returned from a year in Miami Beach managing the renovation of two homes for photographer Bruce Weber, jumped in her car and drove on over. They discussed the pros, the cons and their options and remarkably quickly came up with a solution they both loved. Not only was the problem solved but a partnership was born.

A generation apart and from opposite coasts (Jennifer is from L.A.; Barbara has lived much of her life in New York and Connecticut), Jennifer and Barbara appear to be an unlikely pair. But it is their differences that make j/b design work so well. Over the years, they’ve developed their own short-hand: “This?” “Not quite” “Right. How about this?” “Yes!” “Super!” They know that when they both land the same piece of furniture, paint color or fabric, it’s right.


more about jennifer

Jennifer is the daughter of Los Angeles art dealer Carl Schlosberg, who turned the family home into a private gallery, with ever changing exhibitions, when Jennifer was 3 years old. Jennifer spent her childhood watching, and then helping, her Dad place paintings, prints and sculpture throughout their home and garden. She developed an aesthetic eye early on and honed her aesthetic sensibility as a student in the Masters in Fine Arts program at UCLA and on the job. Jennifer lives in Los Feliz with her husband John and two children, Jules and Hudson. When people ask Jules what her mother does, she replies, “My mom is an artist of homes.”



more about barbara

Barbara’s area of expertise is construction management. She may have lived on Park Avenue and on an estate in Connecticut but don’t let her tony addresses fool you. Barbara is as hands-on as it gets. There’s nothing she loves more than being on a job site at the crack of dawn reviewing details with subcontractors. No moulding, hardware or sink placement gets installed without her scrutiny. When she’s not working, Barbara is antiquing, working in her garden, watching foreign films or visiting her son Jim back east. Barbara lives in Beverly Hills with her vast heisey glass and floral tinsel collections.

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